Property Loss Subrogation

Since 1995, our Property Loss Subrogation attorneys have handled a wide-array of property damage claims throughout the country. We have vast experience in handling cases ranging from large catastrophic fires to construction defects, and industrial machinery and equipment failure.

Property loss claims typically arise from floods or fires caused by water tank leaks or poorly maintained plumbing, explosions or system failures caused by defective products, and a variety of other nature-induced losses. Cases like these require experienced and proven subrogation counsel that have the knowledge and expertise in preserving and protecting crucial evidence at the scene to prove liability. Maximizing your recovery depends on it.

BUSHLAND, Texas – Flames blazed more than 400 feet high above a natural gas line explosion.

Accordingly, we utilize only the best investigators and engineers to expedite and maximize recovery for our clients in an effective manner. Our property attorneys in Dallas, Texas provide expertise with the following services and issues, among other things:

  • Construction Defects and Losses
  • Structural collapses
  • Water and mold losses
  • Fire & Flood Damage resulting from gas and water leaks
  • Automobile liability cases
  • Product Liability
  • Industrial equipment and mechanical failures
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Gas malfunctions
  • Evidence Management

Carpenter & Schumacher has been representing multiple national and regional insurance companies since 1995. Our Property Loss Subrogation lawyers in Dallas, Texas handle a wide-array of property damage claims throughout the country. From large-scale contamination cases and industrial explosions, to fires and other natural disasters, our insurance subrogation lawyers have the experience and resources to resolve property loss subrogation cases and respond immediately to our clients’ needs. You benefit by our ability to recover on your subrogation or excess loss claim, whether through trial or settlement. For more info, call us at (972) 403-1133.

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